BreachRx and Azure Data Protection Announce Partnership to Strengthen Privacy & Data Protection Globally

Strategic offerings help data protection teams mitigate the risk of top business threat, privacy and security incidents, and meet demanding compliance requirements

INDIA & UNITED STATES, March 14, 2023 – Azure Data Protection Consultants (ADPC), a cutting-edge strategic privacy and data protection consultancy, and BreachRx, the leading cybersecurity and privacy incident automation platform, announced today a strategic partnership to empower global businesses to proactively establish, mature, and scale their privacy programs and meet the rising bar companies need to compete effectively worldwide.

With data breaches and cyber attacks continuing to rise, businesses of all sizes are increasingly vulnerable to the costly consequences of a data breach. And while many businesses focus on the security team’s role in incidents, their efforts represent less than 30% of the total cost, with over 70% attributed to privacy, legal, and other costs. In addition, with over 180 privacy, cybersecurity, and data breach regulations in over 120 countries, and more currently being legislated, businesses around the globe are struggling to grow their teams in tandem with the pace of regulatory developments. Compounding the increasing regulatory risk is customer pressure on businesses to prioritize compliance with their privacy and security requirements. 

With the recent publication of ISO 31700, focused on privacy by design, the world’s compliance standards bodies continue to take steps to drive companies to do more to demonstrate to their clients, partners, and regulators they effectively protect sensitive data. Infosec compliance is a key focus area of organizations worldwide, addressing externally-audited frameworks like ISO 27001 and SOC 2 as well as voluntary frameworks like NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS Controls. 

The partnership between BreachRx and ADPC brings together two innovative companies that share a commitment to helping businesses protect their customers’ valuable data and turning privacy and data protection into a business advantage. ADPC’s cutting-edge expertise in privacy program development and strategy, combined with the BreachRx best-in-class platform, creates a formidable team to help organizations streamline their compliance programs, proactively improve their privacy readiness, and increase their data protection resiliency. 

“BreachRx is excited to partner with ADPC to offer our clients a best-in-class approach to privacy incident response that integrates automation and expertise,” said Andy Lunsford, Founder and CEO of BreachRx. “Businesses around the world recognize that scaling through additional headcount to try to keep pace with privacy laws and complying with customer and partner requirements is cost prohibitive, especially with the limited number of skilled privacy professionals.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with BreachRx to provide our clients with a holistic approach to dealing with privacy incidents and data breaches,” said Vinni Kalra Francis, Founder and Partner of Azure Data Protection Consultants. “Our leading, comprehensive service offerings combined with BreachRx’s proven track record in incident reporting and response will enable businesses to better manage their risks and secure their sensitive information. This partnership makes sense for companies of all sizes, particularly those looking to turn data protection into a growth driver for their business.”

The ADPC and BreachRx partnership offers clients a comprehensive suite of privacy and data protection incident response solutions, including privacy risk assessments, incident response compliance, incident response planning, privacy incident automation, data breach exercises and tabletops, and more. The companies are also working together to develop new and innovative approaches to address the evolving threats facing international businesses moving forward.

About BreachRx

BreachRx is the leading automated incident reporting and response platform that privacy, legal, and cybersecurity leaders use to take back control of incident response and overcome one of their biggest challenges—reducing cybersecurity regulatory and incident compliance risks. Our SaaS platform’s automated workspace streamlines collaboration and frees internal bandwidth across the business while ensuring compliance with the most stringent global privacy and cybersecurity frameworks. BreachRx is the only automated approach that creates tailored, effective incident response plans and protects privilege in the market today.

Learn more about the only holistic approach to incident readiness and response at and on LinkedIn @BreachRx.

About Azure Data Protection Consultants

Azure Data Protection Consultants LLP is a boutique consulting firm for data protection, risk management and privacy compliance. ADPC has been growing rapidly and now comprises a team of professionals, lawyers, engineers, technical experts who can help your organization achieve your data protection goals. We help organizations – especially start-ups, the small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) without access to requisite talent and expertise in addressing the increasing challenges of privacy compliance and information risk management in an ever changing privacy regulatory environment. 

Find more information about ADPC at or on LinkedIn @Azure-Data-Protection-Consultants-LLP.